Sea of Galilee

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Galilee, Sea of,


Lake Tiberias

(tībĭr`ēəs), or

Lake Kinneret

(kĭn`ərĕt'), lake, 64 sq mi (166 sq km), 14 mi (23 km) long, and 3 to 7 mi (4.8–11.3 km) wide, NE Israel; its surface is c.700 ft (210 m) below sea level. The lake, occupying a downwarped basin, is fed and drained by the Jordan River. The Syria border follows part of the eastern shore, now occupied by Israel as part of the Golan HeightsGolan Heights,
strategic upland region (2003 est. pop. 10,500), c.500 sq mi (1,250 sq km), SW Syria. It borders S Lebanon, NE Israel, and NW Jordan. It takes its name from the ancient city of Golan and was known as Gaulanitis in New Testament times.
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. Mineral springs, some of them hot, discharge into the lake, giving it a saline character. Israel's National Water Carrier Project uses the Sea of Galilee as a reservoir for water pumped south, via the National Water Conduit, to the Negev desert for irrigation and to the coastal plain to recharge the overdrawn watertable. However, despite the project, Israel's water supply in the late 20th cent. was restricted by a drop in the water level due to seasonal drought and increasing demand. In the time of Jesus there was a flourishing fishing industry in the lake; some fishing is still carried on, but the lake has suffered from overfishing. In the Old Testament the Sea of Galilee was called the Sea of Chinnereth or Chinneroth. In the New Testament it is named variously from nearby geographical features—Galilee, Gennesaret, or Tiberias.
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Galilee, Sea of


(Lake Tiberias, Lake of Gennesaret, Bahr Tabariya), a lake in the historical region of Palestine within the state of Israel; part of the eastern shore forms part of the border between Syria and Israel. The Sea of Galilee is situated in the northern part of the Ghor (Al-Ghor) tectonic basin at an elevation of 212 m below sea level. It covers an area of 145 sq km and reaches a depth of 48 m. The western and eastern shores are mostly steep; the northern and southern shores are gradually sloping. The Jordan River flows through the Sea of Galilee. Fish are plentiful. Navigation is local in character.

In the New Testament, the Sea of Galilee figures in many legends about Jesus Christ. In 1187, near the Sea of Galilee, the Crusaders met the Egyptian sultan Saladin in a battle that was won by the Egyptian forces.

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A team of archaeologists was ( busy excavating the site of el-Araj on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. The lead archaeologist, Professor Steven Notley of Nyack told Fox News that they found evidence, such as pieces of marble from its chancel screen, small gilded glass blocks called tesserae that were used in ornate church wall mosaics, of the church's existence.
The level of the Sea of Galilee - which despite its name is a freshwater lake known as the Kinneret in Hebrew - rose by 1 centimetre on Sunday, according to the Kinneret Authority's website.
The author with Tata Uy in a fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee. 5.
The group will also enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, in a traditionally-styled boat.
As Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter, and his brother Andrew, casting a net into the sea; they were fishermen.
A delegation of Jordanian officials accompanied by Israel's Ambassador to Jordan Amir Weissbrod has visited the Sea of Galilee where they discussed a request for Jerusalem to increase the amount of water allocated to the Kingdom.
It was not so long ago when swimmers at Ein Gev would lay out their towels in the grass at the edge of the Sea of Galilee.
Just north of the Dead Sea is the Sea of Galilee. Both the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea receive their water from river Jordan.
The Syrian news agency also reported that the National Meteorological Center detected tremors early morning on Wednesday in the Sea of Galilee area of northeastern Palestine and two earthquakes near the Syrian-Turkish border.
One of the reasons for the export of Kosher wine from Israel to Jews around the world, is the fact it will have been aged in seawater within the tanks; with the water coming from the promised land, namely the water from the sea of Galilee.
By Karl Walker- Hebron/ PNN/ In 2015, Yinon Reuveni, a far-right Jewish extremist firebombed the Church of the Multiplication at Tabgha, on the Sea of Galilee. Left at that site was graffiti in Hebrew exclaiming "Idols will be cast out or destroyed."On Monday,Reuveni was convicted of arson.