Seagate Technology

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Seagate Technology

A major manufacturer of hard disk drives, founded in 1979 as "Shugart Technology" by Alan F. Shugart and Finis Conner. That name is on the original patents for the 5.25" hard disk drive. They changed the name to Seagate Technology soon after to avoid confusion, and also to avoid friction with Xerox, which had since purchased Alan's earlier company, Shugart Associates.

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Address: 920 Disc Drive, Scotts Valley, CA 95066, USA.

Fax: +1 (408) 438 3320.
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In turn, Samsung will raise cash for takeovers and expansion, the paper said.Country: South Korea, Sector: Electronics, Computer HardwareTarget: Samsung's hard-disk-drive businessBuyer: Seagate Technology PlcVendor: Samsung Electronics CoType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Bidding
Disk drive manufacturer Seagate Technology is to cut another 2,900 jobs as part of plans to reduce its operating costs by USD150m.
Seagate Technology Inc is claiming to have demonstrated the world's highest disk drive areal density of greater than 16 billion bits per square-inch - nearly three times the storage capacity per square inch of any hard disc drive shipping today, it says.
Seagate Technology (Nasdaq:STX), a provider of storage solutions, announced on Wednesday the promotion of David H.
Irish hard disk drives manufacturer Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX) said it is no longer in talks with a private equity suitor about the company's acquisition.
Seagate Technology Inc, Scotts Valley, California-based storage company, has reported second-quarter net income of $104m on revenue up 7.7% at $1.8bn, compared to a loss of $183m in the year-ago quarter.
Seagate Technology plc (Nasdaq:STX), a provider of storage solutions, announced on Wednesday the approval by its board of directors of a 17% increase in the company's targeted regular cash dividend.
US private equity firm Bain Capital is reportedly losing interest in buying Irish hard-disk drive maker Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX), Reuters said citing three informed people.
Overland Data Inc has selected Seagate Technology Inc's Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology-based tape drives for its next-generation automated storage systems.
Seagate Technology plc (Nasdaq:STX), a provider of storage solutions, on Thursday reported that it expects to report revenues of approximately USD2.9bn for the first quarter of fiscal 2016, ended 2 October 2015.