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a. (in Britain) a police officer ranking between constable and inspector
b. (in the US) a police officer ranking below a captain
3. a court or municipal officer who has ceremonial duties
4. (formerly) a tenant by military service, not of knightly rank



a military rank in the armed forces of the USSR and many other countries. In Russia the rank of sergeant dates from the 17th century in regiments formed on the West European model and in the Russian Army before 1798. In the USSR the ranks of junior sergeant, sergeant, and senior sergeant were introduced in 1940.

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The Gentleman Cadet Yap Tshering Bhutia of Rezangla Coy bagged the gold medal for firing while the silver medal went to Seargent Sukhwinder Singh of Tithwal Coy.
13, by Officer Timothy Charland, and Seargent Matthew Saunders and charged with domestic assault and battery.
Terri Seargent filed with the EEOC alleging genetic discrimination and
In 2000, Terri Seargent was fired from her job after the company discovered she was genetically predisposed to a lung and/or liver disease and began undergoing costly treatment to manage her disorder.
Earth has a number of anomalies that make it particularly suitable for habitation, says Seargent, and some people conclude therefore that it must have been deliberately designed.
But Seargent Cox and 20,000 fellow Airmen endure worse fighting in the war on terrorism.
Spitfire were kicking themselves after missing an early penalty chance after Mariners goalkeeper Paul Seargent had been penalised.
Seniors ( 1 Joanne Metcalf, Highwell Rialto, 74; 2 Fiona Lowry, Hidden By Shadows, 63; 3 Liz Pickering, Seargent Pepper, 47; 4 Vicky Errington, Lady Aster, 32; 5 Vicky Owen, Lady In Red II, 30; 6 Louise Pritcett, Brynn Dylan, 28; 7 Janet Norton, Carly, 25; 8 Gemma Lowdon, Just Barnaby II, 20; 9= Lesley Dawson, Burnside Erin, 19; 9= Sherie Took, Chiquito, 19.
Australian comet hunter David Seargent noted similarities between the Marsden group and the Daytime Arietids, a meteor shower that peaks on June 8th.
Mary Payne, CCO, Seargent, David Wade Correctional Center, Homer, La.
Other attractions include a production of "An Occurrence at Oak Tree Hotel: Seargent Prentiss, Redemption, and the Trial of the Bed Bug," featuring 7th Circuit Court District Judge Bobby Delaughter.