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painting on dry plaster. Distemper and tempera painting on a dry surface is the most ancient painting technique. Medieval frescoes were often finished with tempera on a dry surface. In medieval Western European art both the secco technique and the fresco technique—painting on moist plaster with pigments mixed with lime-water—developed. Secco was especially popular in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. The term “secco” also designates painting on dry plaster with pigments mixed with casein and silicate.


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fresco secco, secco

A mural, often fugitive, painted with water-based colors on dry plaster.
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Su modificacion tiene funcion teleologica, ya que lo femenino se hace conducente con el fin de la existencia (Secchi 69).
testudinum presented significant intra-annual differences and among years; nevertheless, this was not explained by seawater parameters (salinity, temperature, Secchi).
That is why knowing the optimum depth of the perfect water is so important, thus the Secchi disk.
Specifically, Secchi disk readings are used as an objective measure of water clarity and applied to a standard two-stage hedonic model.
In conclusion, although killer whales seem to have primarily an oceanic distribution in southern Brazil and feed mainly on large fishes near the continental slope (Secchi and Vaske Jr., 1998; Dalla Rosa and Secchi, 2007; Passadore et al., 2015), the species, or at least some of the existent stocks, can also eventually search and prey upon coastal whales and dolphins in the region.
Outfall characteristics Outfall Flow Fecal coliform rate concentration ((m.sup.3)/s) (MPN/100ml) Barra da 5 4,2.107 Tijuca Ipanema 7,5 4,2.107 Icarai 1 7.107 Maximum solar radiation Turbidity at water surface (W/(m.sup.2)) Outfall Summer Summer Winter Secchi clear overcast clear depth sky sky (metres) Barra da 991 345 593 8 Tijuca Ipanema 991 345 593 8 Icarai 991 345 593 4 Maximum solar radiation within the sewage plume (W/(m.sup.2)) Outfall Summer Summer Winter clear overcast clear sky sky Barra da 378 132 227 Tijuca Ipanema 378 132 227 Icarai 207 72 124
Water transparency was determined by using a 20-cm in diameter Secchi's disk and represented as Secchi's depth (ZSd).
Evaluation of water transparency and depth: Evaluations of water transparency and depth for the pond were made from February 2008 to December 2009, using the Secchi disc, while pond level was taken from a fluviometric gauge 12 km away.
If there are any doubts at all about the water's clarity, a Secchi disc is a simple tool used to qualitatively measure water clarity (or alternately it's "turbidity").