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painting on dry plaster. Distemper and tempera painting on a dry surface is the most ancient painting technique. Medieval frescoes were often finished with tempera on a dry surface. In medieval Western European art both the secco technique and the fresco technique—painting on moist plaster with pigments mixed with lime-water—developed. Secco was especially popular in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. The term “secco” also designates painting on dry plaster with pigments mixed with casein and silicate.


Kiplik, D. I. Tekhnika zhivopisi. Moscow-Leningrad, 1950. Pages 470–72.

fresco secco, secco

A mural, often fugitive, painted with water-based colors on dry plaster.
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Rio Secco Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada is home to a teaching facility run by Butch Harmon, often referred to as "the best golf instructor in the world.
Many will remember the old hugely popular Don Vito's, situated downstairs to Secco, and now evolved into Popolo, which in the old days, was run by Mario De Giorgi.
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Juventus sporting director Alessio Secco has confirmed Mellberg "is close to signing a preliminary agreement".
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With this increase, there is no doubt export volumes will rise," says Jorge Secco, manager of the dairy trade group.
Commissioned by Advance Realty Group, Andrea Heinisch, a renowned artist from Florence, Italy, along with three other prominent artists, used a secco, meaning "dry" in Italian, technique which utilizes mineral and earth pigments.
But I was impressed with the taste of Secco because it was not too sweet and had a light taste, perfect for drinking on a hot day.
KDM Energia selected GE's Jenbacher gas engines technology because of the J420 engine's performance on other LFGTE projects worldwide and the local support provided with Generadora Transandina SA, GTSA (part of Secco industries), GE's authorized distributor and service provider for Jenbacher gas engines in Chile.
Contract Awarded for supply large volumes of pure oxygen to SECCO, located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), for its sulfuric acid regeneration unit.
One of Newcastle's most successful entrepreneurial families, the De Giorgis already have a strong following in the city garnered from the portfolio of hugely popular bars and restaurants they established here over the years including Don Vito's, Secco, Paradiso, Popolo, Intermezzo and Alvinos.
CONGRATULATIONS to Secco restaurant in Newcastle, which is receiving national recognition.