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painting on dry plaster. Distemper and tempera painting on a dry surface is the most ancient painting technique. Medieval frescoes were often finished with tempera on a dry surface. In medieval Western European art both the secco technique and the fresco technique—painting on moist plaster with pigments mixed with lime-water—developed. Secco was especially popular in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. The term “secco” also designates painting on dry plaster with pigments mixed with casein and silicate.


Kiplik, D. I. Tekhnika zhivopisi. Moscow-Leningrad, 1950. Pages 470–72.

fresco secco, secco

A mural, often fugitive, painted with water-based colors on dry plaster.
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O livro de Lincoln Secco se beneficiou da voga de estudos caiopradianos que se sucederam a partir da segunda metade da decada de 1990 (IUMATTI, 1998 e 2007; MARTINEZ, 1998; RICUPERO, 2000, GNERRE, 2001 e SANTOS, 2001).
Seventeenth and eighteenth century recitativo secco always unfolds in a (usually unspecified) 4/4 time signature.
Secco said: "If everything goes well, the player will become a Juve player in July.
Medici Ermete Lambrusco Reggiano Secco "Quercioli," 2006 ($12.
American artist Steve Bogdanoff is known for his distinct interpretive fresco secco paintings.
The Swiss-Swedish power and automation technology group ABB said on Wednesday (21 January) that it had won new orders worth more than USD41m from the Chinese companies CNOOC-Shell Petrochemical Company Ltd and Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company Ltd.
1998 Boyer Pinot noir from Arroyo Secco, Monterey County, is a big wine.
Juventus spokesman Alessio Secco dashed hopes of a life-saving deal by insisting that his club wants ALL their money.
In recent years Condivi's "ultima mano" has assumed extra significance, since accusations have been leveled at the Vatican restorers for having removed not only a secco retouches made by Michelangelo to his fresco, but also a layer of tinted varnish supposedly applied by the master to tone down his colors.
Secco, FCIC, is a Senior Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry at St.
Their vaulting and walls are richly decorated with mostly didactic al secco paintings which contain a wealth of motifs.