Second Renaissance

Italian Renaissance Revival

Italian Renaissance Revival
An architectural style emulating the Renaissance palazzi of Northern Italy; most popular from 1800s to about 1930. Buildings in this style are usually characterized by façades that are commonly symmetrical and essentially flat; rectangular or square in plan; usually two or three stories high; masonry or stucco walls; a different architectural treatment on different stories; an elaborate belt course between stories; a massive cornice that rests directly on the architrave (the frieze being omitted); pilasters, rusticated quoins, dentils, and decorative detailing; a recessed entry porch flanked with classical columns or pilasters; prominent arcading on the ground floor of public buildings and a recessed arcaded gallery on the floors above; commonly, a low- to moderate-pitched, ceramic-tiled hipped roof; widely overhanging eaves with decorative brackets below; occasionally, a flat roof with a balustrade or roofline parapet above an elaborate cornice; commonly, a different type of window on each story; on the ground floor, elaborate, tall, narrow windows placed in a regular pattern, set symmetrically on both sides of the main entrance; the second-story window heads often pedimented and supported by ancons in elaborate buildings; windows on the uppermost story are usually the smallest and simplest, being square in shape; arches frequently above exterior doors; a hooded entryway; an entablature, supported by pilasters, over the entrance. Sometimes called Italian Renaissance style or Second Renaissance Revival, this style is occasionally subdivided into the North Italian or Venetian mode and the Romano-Tuscan or Florentine mode.
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For decades considered little more than northern Italy's crimeridden junkyard, Naples has cleaned itself up and is now enjoying a second renaissance, but hasn't yet had its authenticity beaten out of it by gentrification and tourism.
The idea is, week by week, to have a closer look at some of the major steps taken by Oman in the direction of a second Renaissance, heading for further achievements.
Limelight - next Thursday Ash enjoyed a second renaissance in OF Wednesday 2018 with Islands - arguably their best album in seventeen years.
Cody Rhodes says British wrestling is enjoying a second renaissance as he enjoys being a fan on the Fight Forever UK tour.
Fair has been involved with Make-A-Wish Mid-South and the Junior League of Little Rock, where she's chair-elect of the committee overseeing its 1910-vintage Second Renaissance Revival Style headquarters.
He said that modern technological changes mean we are now living through a "second Renaissance", and that business and political leaders needed to help the UK move from the industrial age to the "knowledge age".
Divided into three categories, titled Masculinity Undone, Second Renaissance, and Conceptual Realism, the predicted trends from the stock photo agency shine a light on the changes in visual culture.
The second renaissance is electrification, so far only to Cardiff (but we want it to reach Swansea) with a one-hour-50-minute trip on the new Great Western Railway electric express trains currently seen at the Hitachi depot outside Paddington.
HH Sheikha Moza was launching the second Renaissance of Arabic Language Forum at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) yesterday.
"Having other business interests here, we are deeply rooted within the fabric of Harlem's business community and are excited to continue playing a role in Harlem's second renaissance."
Interest slacked again until the ice storms of 1998, and talk of peak oil brought about a second renaissance for wood burning.