reaction rate

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reaction rate:

see chemical reactionchemical reaction,
process by which one or more substances may be transformed into one or more new substances. Energy is released or is absorbed, but no loss in total molecular weight occurs.
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The kinetics equation for pseudo second order reaction was given by Mckay and Ho and is given below.
Thus, adsorption of Hg(II) ions onto the studied biomasses is assumed to be controlled by a second order reaction, with an heterogeneous adsorbent surface and different activation energies.
It shows a linear fit for the second order reaction model.
As seen from these tables, TGA data were fitted for the second order reaction mechanism.
In addition, the kinetics study for this proposed scheme concluded second order reaction kinetics for both steps, with much lower activation energies.
The fitting results showed that the reaction kinetics of the nanocomposite system could be described well by the autocatalytic second order reaction kinetic equation.
where [k.sub.2] is second order reaction rate constant, L/mol s; z is stoichiometric coefficient, mol [O.sub.3]/mol [C.sub.i]; and [[C.sub.i]] and [[O.sub.3]] are concentrations, mol/L.
Kinetics studies showed that degradation of RR195 apparently followed second order reaction.
"If the formation/attachment reaction is assumed to be a (delete "first order") second order reaction, the rate of deposit formation, [[??].sub.d] is defined by the following equation:
The kinetic data obtained proved that a second order reaction can be used to describe TPU polymerization.
[k.sub.2] is the second order reaction rate constant of phenol oxidation, [m.sup.3] [mol.sup.-1] [s.sup.-1], and [] is the diffusion coefficient of a phenolic compound in the organic phase, [m.sup.2] [s.sup.-1].
The addition of glutathione to 1- methyl-4-ethynylpridinum triflate 6 with in TES buffer at pH 7 was a second order reaction (k = 4200 M-1 s-1 at 25 0C).

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