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Secondary Process


Secondary process is Sigmund Freud‘s expression for the psychological mechanism that regulates our behavior with respect to external reality. The secondary processes, associated with the ego, are dominated by what Freud referred to as the reality principle. The contrasting term is primary process, a mechanism dominated by the pleasure principle. In a normal adult, the secondary processes regulate the primary processes so that the person does not immediately act upon every urge that comes to mind. The secondary processes are called secondary because they come into being only after infancy, which is dominated by the primary processes.

Freud’s understanding of dreams was that they represented fulfillment of desires normally controlled and repressed by secondary processes. However, despite Freud’s emphasis on dreams as an arena dominated by primary processes, he noted that secondary processes also play a role in shaping dreams:

Two fundamentally different kinds of psychical process are concerned in the formation of dreams. One of these produces perfectly rational dream-thoughts, of no less validity than normal thinking; while the other treats these thoughts in a manner which is in the highest degree bewildering and irrational. (Freud, p. 597—see Sources)

The secondary processes are responsible for the overtly rational elements in dreams (coming into play at the stage of the dreamwork Freud called secondary revision), whereas the primary processes are responsible for the seeming irrationality of dreams.

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"Overall, the secondary process times can be significantly reduced, which, in turn, shortens the total cycle times," Marufke explained.
Since 1932, physiologists have known about one heat-making pathway, which is a secondary process for respiration (SN: 6/24/89, p.
The teeth are made by a secondary process now, but their manufacture will probably become part of the fineblanking process in the future, Trachsler said.
Each coil of stock tubing is sealed in a bag as it is produced (bagging is not a secondary process) and is stored in a separate, dust-free environment with low particulate level.
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SABIC's new LNP[TM] Thermocomp[TM] compound and its Thermocomp LDS compound were selected by Xiaomi to create a new smartphone frame which required strength, stiffness, and impact resistance, as well as an integrated antenna (this feature is attractive because it can reduce the size of the smartphone device and eliminate the secondary process of incorporating a separate antenna into the phone, both of which may help the manufacturer to reduce assembly time and cost).
He continued that he had been given assurance that the concerns we had over hospitals would be addressed in a secondary process.
Because of the seasonal nature of the vaccine operation, this secondary process - which involves the filling of the vaccine into vials and packaging of the vials into cartons - is only needed for 12-16 weeks a year.
Written for manufacturing and quality control personnel, operators and supervisors involved in the production of coated products, and engineers and scientists involved in the design and productions of coated materials, this is the new edition of a guide to solving defects that occur in the coating and drying of films on continuous sheets or webs that has been updated to account for increased quality requirements and advances in technology and expanded to cover a wider range of defects, including those that can occur in secondary process operations.
For tinted applications, this material can be dyed in a secondary process.
The extra time spent moving parts to a secondary deburring process and the operation, maintenance, and management of the secondary process are textbook examples of the type of non-value-added labor waste, called muda in Japanese, that Lean Manufacturing philosophy seeks to avoid.
Options include high-and low-temperature drying packages, conveying selections for open- and/or closed-loop configurations, secondary process heaters for dual-hopper configurations, and remote operator interface.

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