attorney general

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attorney general

1. a country's chief law officer and senior legal adviser to its government
2. (in the US) the chief law officer and legal adviser of a state government
3. (in some states of the US) a public prosecutor

Attorney General


in Britain, the USA, and several other countries, one of the highest officers of justice. In Britain the attorney general is a member of the cabinet, is the principal legal adviser to the government who conducts court cases and other legal proceedings affecting the interests of the state, and supports the prosecution in court in cases which have a particular political importance. In the USA the attorney general is the head (minister) of the Department of Justice and the principal legal adviser to the federal government. Some states also have the office of attorney general.

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Sabagay, kung ordinaryong mamamayan ka, mahirap tanggihan pag letterhead ng Secretary of Justice ang gamit ng humihingi ng dokumento.
This is the Secretary of Justice plotting the filing of trumped-up charges against a Senator, charges that he himself will pass upon by virtue of his official duties.
The recommendation was signed by Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima and Congressman Neil Tupas Jr.
A scheming secretary of Justice is an injustice to the victims of the killings,' the petition stated.
The law, which the Senator has supported since she was the Secretary of Justice, will finally put in effect amendments to the nearly 87-year-old Revised Penal Code (RPC) that will make it much more reflective of the times and current conditions of our country and our people.
Sandra Cam, president of the Whistleblowers Association of the Philippines, pleaded to the Commission on Appointments (CA) on Wednesday not to confirm Secretary of Justice Leila De Lima's appointment.
I ordered the secretary of justice to take over the investigation.
The risk of prejudice is too great in the case of Canete and this behooves the secretary of justice to intervene, if he is intent on fulfilling his job of administering justice in the country," Drilon stressed.
Senator Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito said he is ready to present documents that will prove his innocence after he was included in 'Napolist' copy submitted by Secretary of Justice Leila De Lima to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.
Drilon cited Section of RA10071 or the Prosecution Services Act of 2010, which states that the secretary of justice can designate a prosecutor from any office of the provincial or city prosecutor within the region as acting provincial or city prosecutor to investigate and prosecute a case 'in instances where parties question the partiality or bias of a particular city or provincial prosecutor.
In response to questions about former Secretary of Justice Wong Yan Lung s remarks on corruption in Hong Kong, Mr Yuen said the city has spared no effort in combating corruption, and noted the Independent Commission Against Corruption monitors commercial activities involving the Mainland.
Under the 1987 Constitution, the JBC is created under the supervision of the Supreme Court, composed of the Chief Justice as ex-officio chairman, the secretary of justice, and a representative of the Congress as ex-officio members, a representative of the Integrated Bar, a professor of law, a retired member of the Supreme Court, and a representative of the private sector.

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