Secretary of the Court

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Secretary of the Court


in the USSR, an official who keeps the official record of judicial and administrative sessions. The secretary must set forth, fully and accurately, the actions and decisions of the court and the actions of other parties to the case during the court session. The secretary of the court and the presiding justice sign the official record. If they disagree over the wording, the secretary has the right to append his own remarks.

The secretary of the court also calls trial participants, witnesses, and experts, ensures that they are present at the court session, and draws up writs of execution in cases subject to immediate execution. The rules for challenge on grounds provided by law also apply to secretaries of the court (seeCHALLENGE OF JUDGES).

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The ruling came after the general secretary of the court informed that the inmate refused to appear before the court to stand trial on the charges framed by the Dubai Public Prosecution.

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