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It was possible to verify the presence of secretory structures, of the secretory cavity type, with large rounded cavity delimited by secretory cells and with cells that project to the epidermis.
This difference in plant material sensitivity to drying temperature among species can be attributed to secretory structures and their location in plants, as well as to chemical composition of the essential oil (ARGYROPOULOS & MULLER, 2014).
Individual cells or parts of the secretory structures were first identified as a region of interest (shortly ROI) and marked by rings or rectangles.
This finding is the opposite pattern from that found in most gonochoric gobioid species, in which sperm duct-associated secretory structures have been described only in association with the male reproductive system.
Colleters are secretory structures characterized by elongated central axis formed by fundamental parenchyma, surrounded by an epidermal palisade layer (DA CUNHA & VIEIRA 1993/97).
From these researches, we could see that alkaloids of leaves are mainly distributed in epidermis (protective tissue), parenchyma, and secretory structures. In our studies, the alkaloids of leaves of Thymus quinquecostatus could be observed in the glandular trichomes.
These trichomes, whether isolated or in groups, are often secretory structures such as nectaries, oil producing or salt excreting glands (Fahn 1979).
These tested exercises include instructions for preparing microscope slides and sectioning and staining plant material and chapters on complex tissues, secretory structures, reproductive organs, and related topics.
Plant gums, resins, and essential oils are often produced in large quantities by specialized secretory structures. These include glandular trichomes, secretory cavities, and secretory ducts.
A diversity of secretory structures is involved in the production of different compounds from secondary metabolism, documented in a number of Euphorbiaceae species (Metcalfe and Chalk 1950).