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(1) (Spanning Tree Algorithm) See spanning tree protocol.

(2) (STAtion) A client device in an 802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless network such as a computer, laptop or smartphone. The term STA is sometimes used for the access point (AP) as well, in which case a STA is any device communicating via the 802.11 protocol. See wireless LAN and access point.

(3) (Secure Ticket Authority) A session ticket that authorizes access to applications running under XenApp and to desktops under XenDesktop. See Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop.
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The Security Traders Association, STA is a trade organization of securities-industry professionals, comprising 24 affiliate organizations in the United States and Canada.
Speaking before the Security Traders Association on 22 September, chairman of the SEC Mary Schapiro drew attention to the dangers that technology-enabled trading posed to the market, noting that, "One of the new, individual stock circuit breakers was triggered when an algorithm attempted to execute 10% of the stock's average daily volume in two seconds.

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