authentication token

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authentication token

(1) A USB key or app in a smartphone that provides a second authentication mechanism. See two-factor authentication.

(2) A security device given to authorized users in order to log in to a network. The security "token," "card" or "key" may be read like a credit card, or it may display a changing code that is typed in as the password or in addition to a primary password. Security codes generated in real time can also be created entirely in software as "soft tokens." USB drives that plug into the computer's USB port are also very popular as security tokens. See SecurID card, challenge/response, authentication and security protocol.

YubiKey Security Key
Yubico makes a variety of USB-based authentication tokens, including FIPS 140-2 validation. (Image courtesy of Yubico,
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The parties intend to follow the tZERO roadmap by offering a security token in accordance with US federal securities laws requirements with subsequent trading to occur on the tZERO trading platform.
Choice Customers have the option to choose and use either the mobile token or a physical security token.
TrustBridge has been re-worked to accept security tokens other than Kerberos, by adding support for WS-Security.
Being the first-ever preferred equity security token to be issued and traded, there are heightened regulatory, tax and compliance measures that must be diligently and meticulously completed.
Deployed by customers in over 40 countries, GoldKey's security tokens allow shared access to encrypted files and secure login to online resources.
On demand, the ability to incorporate smartcards and security tokens offers a higher level of security with two-factor authentication methods.
The Intrinsic-ID project being funded essentially uses Intrinsic-ID s PUF-based HIS technology to make a standard cell phone act as a security token.
The security token card will be especially useful as it compresses various cards into a single credit card and avoids multiple security tokens.
With FIDO authenticators, internet users now can more securely and easily log on to their online accounts using a password combined with a USB key or a local security token.
The company is working with Standard Chartered Bank Singapore (LSE: STAN) to launch the security token card.

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