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guide dog,

a dog trained to lead a blind person. The first school for training such dogs was established by the German government after World War I for the benefit of blinded veterans. Schools now exist in several European countries and the United States, where the pioneer Seeing Eye, Inc., founded by Dorothy Harrison Eustis in 1929 and established near Morristown, N.J., in 1932, is the best known. The master spends about a month at the school training with the already trained dog and is usually charged a nominal fee. Although the German shepherd is by far the most widely used breed for guide-dog work, several other breeds, e.g., the golden retriever, the Labrador retriever, and the Doberman pinscher, have been trained successfully for this work. Approximately 10% of the blind population can use seeing-eye dogs successfully, that fraction including scores of persons who have achieved new independence through their assistance. Applicants may be rejected on the basis of sufficient useful vision, advanced age, poor health, or unsuitable temperament.


See D. Hartwell, Dogs against Darkness (3d ed. 1968); V. B. Scheffer, Seeing Eye (1971).

guide dog

a dog that has been specially trained to live with and accompany someone who is blind, enabling the blind person to move about safely
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Meredith truly practices the kingdom in her ministry of training Seeing Eye dogs," Haefner added.
The Seeing Eye has trainers on call 24 hours a day in case they are needed.
Just ask McGuinness about the mission of his organization, which places Seeing Eye dogs with blind people from across North America, and his face lights up.
From what has been a very intense, personal experience for you, whose seeing eye creates the film, it becomes objectified on the screen for the audience.
Frank and Dorothy Harrison Eustis founded The Seeing Eye, a dog guide school.
JIMMY Forsyth was seen about often; recognisable without a doubt For Jimmy's best friend was his camera, which he was never seen without The Seeing Eye of this camera helped Jimmy make his mark A Brownie began the lifelong hobby on which he was to embark Places and images preserved in a flash, children at play, folk in their prime Captured for posterity; masterpieces; 'stills' of moments in time A historic record for future generations A collection of memories in photo compilations A profile of life as he saw it; as revealed in his books' pages The character Jimmy Forsyth shall be missed by friends of all ages Now Jimmy has gone but his time on earth; is shown in his legacy of priceless worth.
Morris and Buddy: The Story of the First Seeing Eye Dog
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