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see SjællandSjælland
or Zealand
, Ger. Seeland, island (1992 pop. 1,976,882), 2,709 sq mi (7,016 sq km), E Denmark, between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. Denmark's largest island, it is separated from Fyn by the Store Bælt and from Sweden by the Øresund.
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, Denmark.
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The danger with Nazi villains is that their evil becomes cartoonish - and thus unmoored from the system in which they operate - but Koch resists this temptation, playing Seeland with incredible depth and skill.
Due to socio-economic, cultural and ecological differences within Europe much variation in NWFP production and use exists (Janse and Ottitsch 2005, Seeland and Staniszewski 2007, Wolfslehner et al.
My good friend, the late Albert Seeland, introduced me to the Picaches, whose matriarch, Dona Tomasa, was the yearly Hermana Mayor.
In particular, they are used for a range of activities that increase the sense of communal closeness,more recreation activities and social support (Elmqvist et al., 2004; Chu et al., 2010; Chen & Jim, 2008;Maas et al., 2009; Seeland, Dubendorfer, & Hansmann, 2009; S; Rakowski et al., 2012; Ahmad, Maulan, Mariapan, & Habib, 2011; Arnberger, 2012; Arnberger & Eder, 2011).
Os beneficios desses espacos verdes vao desde integracao, lazer e recreacao ate reducao da poluicao, ciclagem de nutrientes (Ferreira, Silva, Pereira, & Lamano-Ferreira, 2014; Ferreira, Pereira, & Monteiro, 2014) e atenuantes do efeito de ilhas de calor (Balooni, Gangopadhyay, & Kumar, 2014; Seeland, Dubendorfer, & Hansmann, 2009).
In: Forests, Trees and Human Health (Nilsson K, Sangster M, Gallis C, Hartig T, de Vries S, Seeland K, et al., eds).
MOON DUO / SEELAND | , Hare & Hounds, April 27 Moon Duo are one of the bands carrying the torch for psychedelia at the moment and their gig at Hare & Hounds is set to be a memorable one.
Jensen was born in 1907 on a Danish island called Seeland. A brief online biography tells that he was the fifth son of a farmer who wanted him to be "a good soldier," but the boy wanted to be an explorer.
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Venezuela's Ambassador to Hungary Raul Jose Betancourt Seeland praised Syria and its leadership for supporting the struggling nations and the world liberation movements.
Mary Kay Seeland has been named director of clinical planning and study start-up based in the U.S.