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Options include a radar and seismic sensor system that uses highly-sensitive devices to pick up an intruder at the earliest opportunity, and a smart fence and perimeter that circles a property or area with a powerful shield against outside threats.
The ShakeAlert system is substantially built in California and overall is about 55% complete, with much of the remaining installation of seismic sensor stations to be done in the Pacific Northwest, said Robert de Groot of the US Geological Survey, Associated Press (AP) reported.
After an influx of federal and state funding, officials hope that by 2021 all 1,115 seismic sensor stations intended for California will be online.
So, an array of these sensors can be more sensitive than an individual seismic sensor; it might let us see small earthquakes that can't be identified with normal sensors," he said in the report.
The research team utilized a seismic sensor network on the western portion of Greenland's ice sheet that previously had been used to track glaciers and earthquakes, but never the ice sheet itself.
Thuraya's range of third-party certified LDR M2M solutions currently includes SMC's mobile asset tracking; Seven Technologies' remote link for fixed M2M applications; the Ibexis telemetry data logger; and Digital Barriers' seismic sensor mesh network.
2) Even if Internet connection still exists, the constant transmission of the readings of hundreds of seismic sensor back to the Google cloud will inevitably overburden the communication infrastructure.
The latest seismic sensor technology alone is driving significant growth in data assets.
--Shell piloting Hadoop in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) for seismic sensor data ;
Hundreds of seismic and air-sniffing sensors have been placed all over the world, and countries have done a better job of sharing their legacy seismic sensor data with those who monitor the treaty, he said.
An expendable unattended ground sensor is a seismic sensor system capable of detecting footstep and vehicle traffic in remote locations.
However, as said in our introduction, there is no panacea, and a seismic sensor designed to detect the arrival of a tank at long range will not be suitable to pick the approach of a man on foot.