Sejong City

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Sejong City,

city (2012 est. pop. 120,000), E central South Korea, c.75 mi (120 km) S of Seoul. A planned city, Sejong City was established to host many national government agencies in order to relieve crowding in Seoul. Officially opened in 2012, it was proposed by President Roh Moo HyunRoh Moo Hyun
, 1946–2009, South Korean politician, president (2003–8) of South Korea. A self-educated lawyer who defended antigovernment activists in the early 1980s, he was elected to the national assembly in 1988 and served on the special committee investigating
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, who envisioned it as the nation's new, more centrally located capital. In 2004, however, the constitutional court ruled against his plan to transfer the capital. The city was carved from portions of North and South Chungcheong provinces.
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She asked the ROK to share its successful experiences of building Sejong City as the ROKs new administrative city.
The project will be modeled after Malaysia's Putrajaya and South Korea's Sejong City. It is envisioned to help ease the traffic gridlock and overpopulation in the capital.
Under the vehicle restrictions, government employees in Sejong City, an administrative town 123 kilometers south of Seoul, are to leave their cars behind if the last digit on their license plate matches that of the calendar date.
SEOUL, March 15 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's visiting Minister of State for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul met on Tuesday with South Korean Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kang Hoin in Sejong City. During the meeting, Abul was briefed on South Korea's expertise in urban development and establishing and managing smart cities.
There are some branches at bad locations in the capital and the surrounding metropolitan regions, while we need more branches in growing regions like Sejong City.'
About 2,000 residents and dignitaries from Seoul attended the launch of Sejong City, which will cost 22.5 trillion won ($19.4 billion) when completed.
President Lee, who won with huge majority in 2007, began to backtrack on Sejong City plan and appointed Chung, a staunch opponent to the plan as prime minister.
Last weekend, Premier Chung Un Chan also offered his resignation after the government failed to get a plan to relocate several ministries from Seoul to Sejong City, a newly developed city 150 kilometres south of the capital, through the National Assembly.
"Today's main topic is public safety," Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon said during the joint media conference at the Sejong Convention Center in Sejong City, Wednesday.
But opposition parties have refused to endorse Chung, partly because of his lukewarm comments about plans to relocate some ministries and administrative bodies to a new city known as Sejong City in the centre of the country.
Contract awarded for Maintenance management of road non-point pollution abatement facility in sejong city in 2019
At various stages of construction or expansion to participate in the inaugural conference of the Association, where some of these cities are more than 100 years old, while the age of some, such as Sejong City, is only 5 years.