Seki Akiko

Seki Akiko


(real name, Akiko Ono). Born Sept. 8, 1899, in Tokyo; died there May 2, 1973. Japanese soprano, choral director, and public figure.

After graduating from the Imperial Academy of Music in Tokyo in 1921, Seki began her career as a singer and participated in the movement for popular culture. In 1948 she organized the Central Choir Group (also known as Voices of Japan). She thus helped initiate a mass antimilitarist movement among amateur choral groups; beginning in the early 1950’s, many choral groups were organized in cities throughout Japan. Known for popularizing Soviet songs in Japan, Seki appeared in the USSR with the Central Choir Group in 1964. She actively supported Japanese-Soviet friendship.

Seki was awarded the International Lenin Prize For Strengthening Peace Among Nations in 1955.


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