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a Russian word with the following meanings, some of which can be rendered in English by the word “sector.”

(1) A clearly delimited constituent part.

(2) A section marked off by radial lines, such as a section of a stadium, a zone of observation, or a firing sector.

(3) A part of the economy with certain economic and social characteristics—for example, the socialized sector, as opposed to the private sector.

(4) In an institution or organization, a section or department that specializes in a particular area of work.

(5) In physical geography, a large area of a continent that is characterized by some distinctive aspect of geographic zonation. In this sense, sektor can be rendered in English as “region.”

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Alam yan ng mga sektor na pinanggalingan ko,' she said.
Sa dulo nito, habang gumaganda ang ekonomiya, inaambisyon natin makalaban tayo sa pribadong sektor.
26 May 2015 - Israeli real estate company Gazit-Globe's (NYSE: GZT) (TSX: GZT) (TASE: GZT) Citycon subsidiary has entered into an agreement to purchase all of the shares of Norway's second largest commercial real estate company, Sektor Gruppen, for consideration amounting to approximately EUR 1.
Right Sektor has been characterized as nationalist, ultranationalist, right-wing, and far-right by many.
Pro-Moscow insurgents in Slavyansk and the Kremlin blamed the attack on Pravy Sektor ("Right Sector"), an ultra-nationalist group at the vanguard of Kiev street protests that forced the February ouster of pro-Moscow former president Viktor Yanukovych.
Selon lui, la population locale est menacee par le groupe de Sektor avant de decreter un couvre-feu (de minuit a 6 h du matin).
Earlier this week, a Holocaust memorial, the wall of a Jewish cemetery, and the fence of a synagogue in Odessa were defaced with swastikas, SS symbols, and the words "Death the Jews"and with tags indicating the graffiti was the work of members of the far-right Pravyi Sektor, or Right Sector, party.
Held on Friday and Saturday at gaming centre Omega Sektor, Connect will fans to the game creators from around the globe.
Held on March 14 and 15 at gaming centre Omega Sektor, Connect will introduce fans to the game creators from around the globe.
Norwegian construction group AF Gruppen ASA said on Thursday (14 June) that its unit AF Bygg Oslo has received a turnkey office contract from Sektor Helsfyr Eiendom, a joint development venture of AF Gruppen and the property developer Sektor Gruppen AS.
Additionally, VeriFone announced an agreement with the Sektor Group of New Zealand to acquire its Sektor Payments operation.
Implementing agency : Pltu Teluk Balikpapan Pt Pln (Persero) Sektor Pembangkitan Balikpapan