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multiplication of HIV virus Cakar Ayam Selaginella Extract inhibits the growth doederleiniin of L16 cells isolated from Hieron human liver cancer Gadung Cina Smilax china L.
Increased frequency of Sphagnum, Equisetum and Selaginella selaginoides in pollen composition refers to paludification and water level lowering from the Allered onwards.
Selaginella has been on Earth about 200,000,000 years," says Banks, whose findings were published in Science.
Pinus, Abies y Liquidambar; trepadoras de especies como: Archibaccharis, Celastrus, Clematis, Gelsemium, Parthenocissus, Philadelphus, Rhus, Smilax y Vitis; arbustos de especies como: Oreopanax, Topobea, Fuchsia, Clusia, Juanulloa, Solandra; pteridofitas de numerosas especies de Lycopodium, de Selaginella, de Hymenophyllaceae y de Cyatheaceae; musgos de los generos: Anomodon, Homalia, Papillaria, Pilotrichella, Porotrichum, Prionodon, Rhizogonium y Schloteimia; hongos superiores de los generos: Amanita, Scleroderma, Schizophyllum, Ganoderma, Leotia, Lenzites, Boletus, Linderiella, Auricularia, Russula, Lactarius, Oudumansiella, Dictyopanus, Gyrodon, Psilocybe y Calostoma.
In their search, the scientists prepared a list of 17 plant species, which was reduced to six and then two -- Selaginella bryopteris and Desmotrichum fimbriatum -- based on the fact that the legendary sanjeevani was a high- altitude plant.
The flora includes one threatened species (Hypericum aseyron) and four species on the watch list (Cypripedium candidum, Filipendula rubra, Rhamnus lanceolata, and Selaginella apoda).
A survey of the arthropods of The Broxton Rocks Nature Preserve was underway when in 1999, 756 individuals of an undescribed oribatid mite species were collected using a Berlese-funnel from an approximately 20x40cm patch containing species of Polytrichum and Sphagnum mosses; Selaginella (fern-ally); and Cladonia (lichen).
A vegetação aquática constitui-se, basicamente, de Cyperaceae, Typhaceae e, juntamente com Lycopodium, Lycopodiella, Osmunda, Selaginella e Sphagnum, distribuía-se nas áreas pantanosas.
Mientras los generos Selaginella y Huperzia con cinco y tres especies respectivamente, presentan la mayor riqueza en Lycophyta.
Cryptanthus sanctaluciae was found growing saxicolously in association with Selaginella and Anthurium species on shaded and humid rocky walls inside the Atlantic forest of the Santa Lucia Biological Reserve.