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After an overnight selenium oxide (Merck, Germany) solution was added to the broth at the final concentration of 200 mg/L and incubation at 37[degrees]C was followed for 72 hr.
Among the topics are the effect of paper sludge ash on the compressive strength of composites with plaster of Paris, luminescence properties of samarium doped with magnesium phosphate glass, the effect of water content on structural and photoelectrochemical properties of titania nanotubes synthesized in fluoride ethylene glycol electrolyte, the effect of electric field treatment on the performance of an organic solar cell doped with salt, and the surface morphology of selenium oxide under different concentrations of oxygen by the thermal evaporation method.
Ahlfeld and Munoz Reyes (1955) also described the Pakajake material as "selenolite," calling it a hydrated selenium oxide. They observed that it occurs in only a few samples as small, colorless acicular crystals on ahlfeldite and limonite in cavities formed by the weathering of penroseite.