self-fulfilling prophecy

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self-fulfilling prophecy,

a concept developed by Robert K. MertonMerton, Robert King,
1910–2003, American sociologist, b. Philadelphia as Meyer Schkolnick, grad. Temple Univ. (A.B., 1931) and Harvard (M.A., 1932; Ph.D., 1936). From 1941 on he was a professor of sociology at Columbia Univ.
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 to explain how a belief or expectation, whether correct or not, affects the outcome of a situation or the way a person (or group) will behave. Thus, for example, labeling someone a "criminal," and treating that person as such, may foster criminal behavior in the person who is subjected to the expectation.
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No-one is denying there is a crisis but there is a real danger recession becomes a self fulfilling prophecy if not put into perspective leading to a far worse scenario than we are currently experiencing.
``The claim by the council that there is no market for re-cycled plastic is ridiculous and a self fulfilling prophecy.
Although this may suggest that the Self Fulfilling Prophecy may work to counteract the detrimental impact of artificially harsh grading systems, this set of circumstances presents an equally disadvantageous situation for a student with LD attempting to acquire new skills.