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Self regulation has failed to make transparent that risk.
Dale Kunkel & Walter Gantz, Assessing Compliance with Industry Self Regulation of Television Advertising to Children, 21 J.
The group collectively recognizes the importance and responsibility of effective self-regulation in the evolving area of online and behavioral marketing and applauds the FTC's continued commitment to industry self regulation.
London -- London, December 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Society of Editors today supported comments from the Press Complaints Commission welcoming a new inquiry by the parliamentary select committee for Culture, Media and Sport into media intrusion and privacy as an opportunity to demonstrate that self regulation works.
The CGA's safety reporting and awards program promotes safety awareness as an extension of the Association's charter which focuses on safety and self regulation.
The link between various manifestations of cognitive self regulation and academic achievement is well documented for middle- and high school students (Zimmerman, 2002).
The industry needs to prove that self regulation can work to ensure privacy of transactions on the Internet, Seidenberg said in a letter to all local telephone companies and other attendees of the United States Telephone Association (USTA) annual convention in Philadelphia this week.
Part IV covers legal, regulatory, and policy issues with chapters on internet gambling and public policy, prohibitory challenges, regulatory challenges, self regulation, and international law.
For example, WebCT has an Assignment feature that allows instructors to post an assignment or class activity and related resources and examples, assign points to the activity, and list a start and end date, enabling students to engage in goal setting, a self regulation process of the forethought phase.
The realm of self-regulation continues to be ill-defined even though there is a considerable wealth of information available regarding self regulation and its theoretical reality (Como & Mandinach, 1983; Zimmerman 1989 & 1994; Bandura, 1991; Schunk, 1994).