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the armed forces of a STATE; pertaining to the armed forces or to WARFARE.

The Austrian sociologist Ludwig Gumplowitz (1838-1909) argued that military conquest was the origin both of the state and SOCIAL STRATIFICATION. Whether or not this view is accepted (and usually it is regarded as far too simple), it is clear the military play a crucial role in the maintenance of state power once this is established. Despite this, until recently sociological study of the military and of warfare has occupied only a relatively marginalized place within mainstream sociology. This neglect has been challenged recently by a number of theorists (e.g. MANN, 1983 and 1988). The argument is that in a world threatened with extinction by the military might of the two superpowers, and with MILITARISM today a more pervasive feature than in earlier societies, the study of warfare and the military ought to be more central. See also WARFARE, STRATEGIC THEORY.

What does it mean when you dream about the military?

To see people in military uniforms of specific branches of the armed forces may be identifying with actual life experiences and memories if one has been in the military. Otherwise, the military in a dream may indicate rigid authoritarian and disciplinary methods that are being brought to bear upon the dreamer, or upon others by the dreamer. It may also suggest extreme emotional repression. If the dreamer is in a ship on the high seas, the dream may suggest sailing through emotional issues of divorce or other personal loss, bravely and dutifully.

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Shin Nozawa, deputy chief of staff of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Western Army, said Japan's involvement in Dawn Blitz has been a good learning opportunity, especially because ground, maritime and air forces have to work together.
Now, as Japan's Self-Defense Forces emerge as a presence in the hot spots of this new century, what will be required to change the reality of which the colonel so openly spoke?
As previously stated, the USMTM mission is to "advise and assist the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces through coordinated security cooperation efforts in developing, training, and sustaining capable deterrent and self-defense forces for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to facilitate regional security.
Our participation in this year's review began in March, when we discussed supply and security requirements with Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force officials.
We are responding with anti-aircraft fire," a spokesman for self-defense forces told reporters, Voice of Russia reported.
Yuzo Shibata, a staff officer at the Operations Department of Japan's Self-Defense Forces Joint Staff, briefed participants of a joint U.
31 (BNA) - Japan on Monday confirmed its plan to dispatch a Ground Self-Defense Force engineering unit to South Sudan to join U.
The airport's runway is jointly used by civilian and Self-Defense Forces planes.
Stanley cuts through the "fog of war" and provides a clear-cut assessment of the nation's Self-Defense Forces.
Over 50 members of local self-defense forces and nearly the same number of civilians are among the dead.
The law enables the MSDF to provide protection to foreign-flagged commercial vessels unrelated to Japan -- an act that had not been permitted under the maritime police action provision of the Self-Defense Forces Law.
It is the first overseas Self-Defense Forces mission since laws took effect in January last year to upgrade the Defense Agency to the Defense Ministry and to redefine international cooperation activities overseas as a main, rather than subordinate, duty for the SDF.