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an individual’s assessment of himself, his possibilities, his qualities, and his place among other people.

As part of the nucleus of the personality, self-evaluation is a very important regulator of behavior. A person’s self-evaluation determines his relationships with others, his critical faculties, the demands he makes on himself, and his attitude toward success and failure. Self-evaluation is linked with the level of the person’s aspirations, or the degree of difficulty involved in attaining his goals. A discrepancy between a person’s aspirations and his actual capacities leads to an incorrect self-evaluation, as a result of which his behavior may become inappropriate. There may be emotional outbursts and increased anxiety. Self-evaluation is also objectively expressed in a person’s evaluation of the possibilities and consequences of the activity of others.

Soviet psychologists have demonstrated the influence of self-evaluation on cognitive activity in man (perceptions, ideas, and the solution of intellectual problems). In addition, Soviet psychologists have defined techniques of forming adequate self-evaluations and methods of transforming distorted ones by exerting educational influence on the personality.


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