Self-Propelled Artillery

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self-propelled artillery

[¦self prə¦peld är′til·ə·rē]
Artillery weapons permanently installed on vehicles, which provide motive power for the piece; these weapons are fired from the vehicle.
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Self-Propelled Artillery


a type of artillery equipped with artillery guns (cannon, howitzers, recoilless guns, and mortars) on a self-propelled chassis.

Self-propelled artillery is included in artillery and motorized rifle units. It is designed to provide accompanying fire and to effect fire support to motorized (mechanized) infantry and armored forces in combat. Self-propelled artillery may have bulletproof or shellproof armor. During the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet armed forces used self-propelled guns for close support to tanks and infantry in combat. Present-day self-propelled artillery is highly mobile and provides the crew and equipment improved protection against enemy fire. Compared to towed artillery, self-propelled artillery has a high traveling speed and better cross-country ability and requires a smaller guncrew.

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Aside from this, the Army official also said ongoing procurement programs for the PA include the acquisition program for 155 mm self-propelled artillery which can be used for territorial defense and other land-based weapons systems.
RBSL will draw on Rheinmetall's broader military vehicle technologies combined with the additional capabilities and systems brought to the joint venture by BAE Systems' Land UK business, such as Trojan, Terrier, Warrior, military bridging and the AS90 self-propelled artillery system.
For land strength, Egypt has 2,160 combat tanks, 5,735 armored fighting vehicles, 1,000 self-propelled artillery, 2,189 towed artillery, and 1,100 rocket projectors.
The ASC is a state-of-the-art facility to manufacture and integrate advanced armoured platforms such as Self-Propelled Artillery Howitzers, Future Infantry Combat Vehicles (FICV), Future Ready Combat Vehicles (FRCV) or Future Main Battle Tanks.
The governments claimed the attacks ranged from sniper fire and barrages of self-propelled artillery, to the launching of medium-range ballistic missiles, which the coalition said "cannot be attributed to individual ill-disciplined Houthi fighters," but are part of a deliberate Houthi strategy toprovoke the coalition." Reaffirming the Yemeni government's and its Arab allies' commitment to the Stockholm Agreement, and their cooperation with General Patrick Cammaert, the letter said coalition has not conducted any air strikes or artillery strikes within Hodeida Governorate since the ceasefire came into force.
22 images of North Korea's Mirim Parade Training Ground are tanks, self-propelled artillery, infantry carriers, anti-aircraft missiles, and rocket launchers.
The team at Middlebury said among the weapons spotted in the images were tanks, self-propelled artillery, infantry carriers, anti-aircraft missiles, and rocket launchers.
In the late 1980s France agreed to sell the Republic its first serious hardware in the form of modern battle tanks, anti-tank helicopters, anti-tank missiles, and self-propelled artillery.
Besides the supersonic trainer jet, the state-run research institute said Asia's fourth largest economy may be able to export submarines, naval auxiliary ships, self-propelled artillery pieces and guided weapons.
In accordance with the Azerbaijani troops' combat training plan for 2018, rocket and artillery formations conducted live-fire exercises using the DANA 152-mm self-propelled artillery systems, Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry told Trend on February7.
Self-Propelled Artillery (SPA) has many inherent advantages over towed artillery.

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