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The reality is larger than that and there are numerous psycho/physiological similarities between fasting, the ascetic, holy stigmata, and anorexic self-mutilators which we attempt to clarify in this paper.
Anorectics, agoraphobes, and self-mutilators are especially frightening, yet fascinating, to dominant culture because they extrapolate the feminine scripts of denying hunger, staying in the home, and maligning the body to such frightening data that society is forced to confront itself.
The inability to differentiate and verbally express emotions that characterize alexithymics is also a characteristic of self-mutilators (MacAniff Zila & Kiselica, 2001).
The self-mutilator uses pain to mask emotional pain but does not intend to destroy the entire body (Levenkron, 1998; Zila & Kiselica, 2001).
If one accepts the enkephalin theory, it may be said that some self-mutilators hurt themselves to increase their sensory levels.
In one large urban Massachusetts high school, 60 (3%) of 1,800 students were identified as self-mutilators. "They were not in special education; many had good grades and were socially connected," Dr.
Within that broad orientation fall cases which Tatz categorises as, for instance, accidental or indirect suicide (the risk-runners); the slashers and self-mutilators who "kill" an offending part of the body; those making a statement about their desire for revenge or retaliation (political suicide); violence to others and then to self as an appeal for support and assistance; the termination of irremediable grief; suicide as the only way to exercise autonomy and to exercise personal sovereignty.
To be sure, 50 years of democracy, 20 years of Helmut Kohl, the amiable Gerhard Schroder, candlelight vigils, self-mutilators, and identity seekers are infinitely preferable to what Germans offered the world in those infamous 12 years.
At the festival's largest gathering, some 600 devotees gathered to be skewered without anesthetic in the humid early morning at the Jui Tui shrine, one of eight temples that stage parades of self-mutilators in Phuket town.
One challenge confronting the prison administrator today is the new types of inmates found among correctional populations - those with AIDS, self-mutilators, the mentally ill, and violent inmates all were a part of Miller's world.
Nearly all self-mutilators also reported past sexual or physical abuse.
The early maladaptive schemas of self-mutilators: Implications for therapy.