Huntingdon, Selina Hastings, countess of

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Huntingdon, Selina Hastings, countess of,

1707–91, English religious leader, patron of the Calvinistic Methodists. She was closely associated with the Wesleys and George WhitefieldWhitefield, George,
1714–70, English evangelistic preacher, leader of the Calvinistic Methodist Church. At Oxford, which he entered in 1732, he joined the Methodist group led by John Wesley and Charles Wesley.
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. When they split, she took the side of Whitefield, whom she made one of her chaplains. Largely responsible for introducing Methodism to the upper classes, she established chapels in Bath and other centers of fashion and appointed chaplains to take charge of them. In 1768 she founded a seminary for the training of ministers at Trevecca House in Wales. Later it was removed to Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Those associated with her establishments and under her moral control were known as "Lady Huntingdon's Connexion." Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Ala., is named for her.


See S. Tytler, The Countess of Huntingdon and Her Circle (1907).

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One of the "great prose stylists" of the century, as his biographer Selina Hastings argues, his reputation rests as much on his widely reported nastiness as on his exquisitely turned sentences (1).
According to Selina Hastings, Waugh "was jealous of Russell's privileged position, and found unbearably affected his self-consciously rustic role, retired from the world, happy among his cows, peaceably cultivating his garden" (317).
As Maugham's most recent biographer Selina Hastings observes, the book's principle theme is 'the conflict between the ruthlessness of the creative artist and the bourgeois society he escapes,' that society portrayed 'with a delicately satirical touch.
However, there was far more to Maugham than that, as Selina Hastings shows in this excellent, immensely enjoyable biography.
The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham, by Selina Hastings.
The members of this year's judging panel were Selina Hastings, Philip Hensher and Peter Porter.
The efforts of Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntington, were integral to all the eighteenth century revival movement and to Methodism in particular.
Three writers - playwright Simon Gray, biographer Selina Hastings and poet Anthony Thwaite - attacked the prose in a Department for Education and Skills guide to teaching English.
Enter Selina Hastings, daughter of the second Earl Ferrers and, from 1728, Countess of Huntingdon.
Rightly, though - Juliet Gardiner will have seen to it - women do get some prominence here, mostly, it is true, highborn Dames like Bess of Hardwick, Margaret Lucas, Brilliana Harley and Selina Hastings of the Huntingdon Connection.
Wheatley had her own patron in Selina Hastings, the Countess of Huntingdon, but although Hastings financed the production of Wheatley's 1773 volume, it was the board of the "most respectable characters in Boston" - those who possessed the most cultural/political influence - who authenticated her work.
Selina Hastings set out to write something between a memoir and an academic biography: "a narrative account aiming to give as close an impression as possible of what it was like to know Evelyn Waugh, even something of what it was like to be Evelyn Waugh.