Selkirk Mountains

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Selkirk Mountains,

rugged range of the Rocky Mts., SE British Columbia, Canada, near the Alta. border and extending northwest c.200 mi (320 km) from the U.S. border. Mt. Sir Sanford (11,590 ft/3,533 m) is the highest peak. The range is almost encircled by the Columbia River which loops around the northern edge.
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One early explorer of the Selkirk Mountains, Arthur O.
Rogers had just returned from exploration surveys, once more in search of a pass through the Selkirk Mountains. Upon hearing of Wilson's glorious new lake, he exclaimed to him, "You'll never leave these mountains again as long as you live.
Pinched between the Selkirk Mountains and Lake Pend Oreille is Sandpoint.
North of Creston, the Selkirk Mountains tumble to the shores of Kootenay Lake.
Only 50 of its kind roam the old-growth forests of Idaho's Selkirk Mountains, the last remnants of a U.S.
Deep in the Selkirk Mountains, Lydia Allen Johnson holds the antenna of a radio-tracking device and listens intently to signals that will lead her to a collared caribou.
South of the Selkirk Mountains, Eric Rominger's woodland caribou are munching on lichen at a Washington State facility.
side of the border, fire and logging have fragmented much of the Selkirk Mountains' old-growth forests, leaving little habitat for caribou, grizzly bears, and a host of other forest mammals.
From the air, much of the Selkirk Mountains looks like a patchwork quilt of huge clearcuts, and woodland caribou are but one species imperiled by the loss of old-growth forests here.
NEW: Three-day Gateway to Glacier by Rail tour runs between Portland and Whitefish, Montana, and features the Columbia River Gorge and Selkirk Mountains (from $549); seven-day In the Path of Lewis and Clark travels to spots made famous by the explorers (from $1,249).
Parts of the Selkirk Mountains north and east of the lake are in a near-wilderness state and harbor endangered grizzlies and mountain caribou.
Downhill skiing through late April between 5,000 and 7,500 feet in the Selkirk Mountains, about 50 miles south of Revelstoke.