Sellars, Roy Wood

Sellars, Roy Wood


Born July 9, 1880, in Egmondville, Ontario, Canada; died Sept. 5, 1973, in Ann Arbor, Mich. American philosopher; professor at the University of Michigan (1905–50). One of the founders of critical realism.

Sellare’ early epistemological viewpoint, which affirmed the symbolic character of knowledge, contained elements of agnosticism. Subsequently, Sellars shifted to materialist positions, calling his philosophy “evolutionary naturalism.” In a number of works he examined epistemological questions of the theory of reflection: the cognitive role of perception, the place of individual practice and interest in knowledge, and the interaction of subject and object. Sellars engaged in vigorous polemics with idealist philosophical currents and criticized the theory of psychophysical dualism and teleological interpretations of evolution. In ethics he stressed the specific historical and socially generated character of moral judgments and values. Sellars rejected theology and church dogmas but adhered to a position of “religious humanism.”


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In Russian translation:
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