Selous Game Reserve

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Selous Game Reserve,

the world's largest game reserve, 11,512 sq mi (29,816 sq km), S Tanzania; est. c.1900. It is located in the Rufiji River basin and includes grasslands and forests. There are many elephants, lions, zebras, and other wildlife in the reserve.
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The 2,100-megawatt scheme will straddle the Rufiji River in the Selous Game Reserve, a 50,000-square-kilometre (19,000-square-mile) protected area which was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1982.
And in Tanzania, the government has approved a dam and hydroelectric plant in the Selous Game Reserve, a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Tanzania will sign a controversial $3bn deal to build a hydroelectric power plant and dam in the Selous Game Reserve, according to the government.
Stiegler's Gorge dam is east Africa's largest hydropower dam, located along the Rufiji river in the heart of one of Africa's largest remaining wild areas -- the Selous Game Reserve. The dam is expected to provide power for the country's emerging industries, with plans to export its surplus to other east African countries.
The operation was part of a yearlong effort to collar and track 60 elephants in and around Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve, widely acknowledged as 'Ground Zero' in the poaching that has decimated Africa's elephants in recent years.
The report also said 46 World Heritage sites, such as the Belize Barrier Reef and the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, are under risk from multiple harmful industrial activities, the effects of each of which will be compounded by the others.
Keep your eyes peeled when passing through the Selous Game Reserve, where you can spot elephant, giraffe, zebra and kudu antelope, before the railway cuts down through the Kilonbero Valley and Udzungwa Mountains.
Larger than the entire nation of Denmark, the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania is one of the few remaining examples of a large, intact ecosystem in the African savannah.
The report highlights the Mesoamerican Reef in Belize, Donana National Park in Spain, and Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, as three case studies where recent extractive activity and spills have raised concerns about the consequential long-term health of the sites.
Gulf Reps will manage all travel trade sales and public relations operations across the GCC for Azura Selous Game Reserve Tanzania, Azura Qulalea Private Island and Azura Benguerra Island in Mozambique.