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Field, Semantic


a group of words united by sense connections that are determined by like features in the words’ lexical meanings. For example, the field of the German verb fehlen encompasses seven verbs united by the feature of absence: fehlen, abgehen, mangeln, gebrechen, vermissen, entbehren, missen. The concept of a field makes it possible to describe precisely the microstructural systemic semantic interrelationship between linguistic units. The theory was developed in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s by a number of German scholars. J. Trier studied groups of words from the point of view of their material and conceptual ties. W. Porzig studied single words and their semantic and syntactic ties. Other German scholars included A. Jolles, who linked the study of a field to the etymological and derivational analysis of a word, and G. Ipsen. In the 1950’s the semantic field theory was developed by L. Weisgerber of the Federal Republic of Germany. These German scholars have been criticized for using the concept of a field to prove the idealist thesis of a linguistic intermediary world (die sprachliche Zwischenwelt) and for subjectivity in the delimitation of fields. Their theories have been criticized for not allowing the whole lexicon to be included and for slighting the independent role of the individual word.

Since the 1960’s, scholars have studied the lexical and semantic fields of words and the syntactic and semantic field of individual words. The concept of the field has been broadened; lexical-grammatical, functional-semantic, derivational, and other kinds of fields are all now distinguished.


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All these above-mentioned compounds have the meaning of 'collectiveness', which regroup these words under the same semantic field.
The database contains various pieces of information regarding the entries, including variables, among others, such as etymological background, semantic field, grammatical category and dialect.
Features of the DataPop PLA platform that are entirely new to this market include semantic field optimization, multi-variate testing of feed construction approaches, automated account structure and semantic negative management, insights for every intent and product attribute and integration with third party SEM platforms for tracking.
Moreover, as Toshihiko Izutsu has convincingly argued, if we compare the Qur'anic vocabulary with pre-Islamic Arabic, we immediately notice that there is "one supreme focus-word, Allah, which presides not only over one particular semantic field within the vocabulary, but over the entire vocabulary comprising all the semantic fields, that is, all the smaller conceptual systems that fall under it.
Notice also the semantic field tier added lo the description of (11), i.
Not about how to exploit it and manipulate it into some assigned meaning, system or pre-arranged schema, but about what it really is, where it's semantic field is, and so the natural quantity of meanings that emerge from it.
The associative experiment fully describes the nature of reality, building upon the conceptual model of the language semantic field.
reward a solution that addresses both information and meaning extraction from the ever-growing volume of unstructured data, - underline the unmatched multilingual capabilities of the solution, - highlight the relevance of TEMIS' technology alliances enabling Luxid(R)'s integration within various environments, - recognize a company placing innovation at the core of its strategy, - emphasise TEMIS' recent breakthrough innovations in the semantic field.
More hackneyed stimuli can be efficiently processed in a fine semantic field in the LH.
These questions are subsumed under a few general psychological categories: semantic field, semantic connotation, the function and intended effect of the text, the generating conditions of the text, the causes and conditions for specific experiences and modes of perception, how experiences get assimilated, and fundamental categories of experience such as time and identity.
On the other hand, some word variations by the English dominant children in the German context, though within the same semantic field as the original word, have a meaning which is different from the lexical item used in the original text.

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