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see PelagianismPelagianism
, Christian heretical sect that rose in the 5th cent. challenging St. Augustine's conceptions of grace and predestination. The doctrine was advanced by the celebrated monk and theologian Pelagius (c.355–c.425). He was probably born in Britain.
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However, with the conclusion of the Council of Orange in the sixth century (529), the doctrines of semi-Pelagianism did not disappear.
Thus the friar's example of the man in a boat embraces semi-Pelagianism in that it declares him safe as long as he refrains from deadly sin, for he has the God-given ability not to sin.
The opposing doctrine is mostly referred to as Pelagianism, with semi-Pelagianism and Molinism as alternative descriptions; the title of one section is indeed `Pascal after the Pelagian conquest.'