Semia i Shkola

Sem’ia i Shkola


(Family and School), a monthly illustrated journal for parents, published in Moscow by the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR since 1946. Intended for a mass audience, Sem’ia i shkola aims to aid the family in the communist upbringing of children, to help organize children’s studies and leisure, and to strengthen the family’s ties with schools and extracurricular institutions. The journal publishes articles on pedagogical psychology, developmental physiology, hygiene, the health care of children, and the methodology of upbringing. It also prints materials dealing with textbooks, contemporary school curricula, the organization of instruction and upbringing, and the methodology of teaching. In addition, Sem’ia i shkola publishes critical bibliographies of pedagogical and children’s literature and reviews of motion pictures and of radio and television programs. Circulation, 1.3 million (1974).