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A manufacturing plant that makes semiconductor devices. Many chips are created by "fabless" companies that take their tested designs to a fab for production. Examples of fabs are Intel, Samsung, Renesas (Hitachi-Mitsubishi merger), Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, NEC, Freescale and Philips.

Be the First on Your Block
You too can be a chip maker. All it takes is roughly USD $5 billion to build a state-of-the-art facility. See process technology.


On drawings, abbr. for “fabricate.”
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7 billion Forecast semiconductor fab equipment capital expenditure for 2016
9 billion, Fab 8 is currently the world's most advanced operating semiconductor fab.
Bruce's semiconductor fab expertise and success in the cleantech sector will be invaluable to our team as we work towards commercialization of high efficiency, low cost, and manufacturing-friendly thermoelectric materials," said Atti.
The cost of new semiconductor fab equipment and the challenges of device leakage, shallow junction creation, and device shrinkage are pushing the limits of Moore's Law.
Flying Start for New Company, GLS, with Initial Multimillion-Dollar Deal to Key Semiconductor Fab
EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands -- Semiconductor fab services alliance Simax Global Services is pleased to announce that Global CyberSoft (GCS) has joined its ranks.
In its most recent cycle, semiconductor fab capacity utilization peaked at 90% early in 2008, and dropped to 87% in the third quarter.
Prior to joining Tallwood, Bergeron held senior management positions at Applied Materials, Candescent Technologies and IBM Microelectronics, with responsibilities for a semiconductor equipment product line; semiconductor fab operation management; and integration of multiple technology products supporting an advanced display.
Raminderpal Singh, senior technical staff member, 300mm semiconductor fab, systems and technology group, IBM Corporation

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