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, Latvian Latvija, officially Republic of Latvia, republic (2011 provisional pop. 2,067,887), 24,590 sq mi (63,688 sq km), north central Europe. It borders on Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, the Baltic Sea with the Gulf of Riga in the west, Russia in
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and the connection between these two seems to be even more evident in neighbouring areas, for example in Semigallia (Urtans 2001) or Scandinavia (Andren 2014, 87 ff.
Contract notice: Forest road routine maintenance work - shoot and mowing - zemgale semigallia forestry.
Between 1237 and 1290, the Livonian Order had established its presence in Courland, Livonia, and Semigallia, which were populated by the proto-Baltic ancestors of the Latvian people.
The last Master of the Livonian Order, Gotthard Kettler, was now the first hereditary Duke of Courland and Semigallia under the Polish-Lithuanian rule, and the royal governor in Livonia proper in 1562-1566, before he was forced to resign from office on suspicion of attempting to create new alliances and pursue independent policies, and lost his influence.
Contract award: tending of young stands semigallia forestry in 2014.