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a substance occupying an intermediate position between metals and semiconductors with regard to electrical properties. A characteristic feature of semimetals is a weak overlapping of the valence band and conduction band. This indicates that semimetals remain conductors of electric current down to a temperature of absolute zero and yet have a low (compared to metals) concentration of current carriers—approximately 1018-1020 cm-3. Semimetals include Bi, Sb, As, and graphite.

Current carriers in semimetals exhibit high mobility and low effective mass. These properties make semimetals the most suitable substances for use in observing size effects, semimetal-dielec-tric phase transitions in strong magnetic fields, and many other phenomena.


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The Weyl fermions, which were observed in synthetic crystals of a semimetal called tantalum arsenide, exhibit some similar electronic properties to those found in the crystals used in the latest study, but lacked their chiral traits.
Graphene is a zero-bandgap semimetal, of which the valence band and conduction band meet at the Dirac points.
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The existence of these valleys, each with a linear dispersion, is the main reason that graphene has transport properties which differ from most other semiconductors or semimetals. At high magnetic fields, a striking example is the quantum Hall effect, where the Hall conductance quantization occurs in steps of 4[e.sup.2]/h, because of the spin and valley degeneracy, and the Landau level quantization is proportional to [square root of (B)], where B is the perpendicular magnetic field component.
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