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A malignant tumor of the testes composed of large, uniform cells with clear cytoplasm.
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a tumor of the sexual glands that is usually malignant. Primarily occurring in young men, seminoma affects the testis. Cryptorchidism predisposes an individual to the development of this type of tumor, which metastasizes predominantly along the lymphatics. Seminoma is treated surgically, medicinally, and through radiotherapy.

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In order to avoid confusion with the much more common classic seminoma, the term for this entity was changed from the previous one, spermatocytic seminoma, in the 2016 WHO revision.
There are some authors suggesting adjuvant radiotherapy to all patients who underwent TSS whether the tumor histology is seminoma or non-seminoma, but the results of fertility and spermatogenesis of these patients are the major concerns.
GWAS for TGCT have revealed high telomerase activity in seminoma due to reactivation of TERT gene, which encodes the catalytic subunit of telomerase reverse transcriptase and protects from shorten the chromosomal ends in somatic cells, while this activity was low in teratomas.
[3] EBM due to testicular seminomas is extremely rare; for this reason, we want to present our case.
The gross and microscopic features of bilateral seminoma with ventricular metastasis suggested a prolonged neoplastic transformation and associated immunosuppression with metabolic alterations.
Seminoma (germinoma) apparently primary in the anterior mediastinum.
(19-21) At the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, all men with stage I seminoma are advised of treatment options and recommended surveillance.
The seminoma decoy: measurement of serum human chorionic gonadotropin in patients with seminoma.
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This difference was seen in both patients with seminoma and those with nonseminoma [21].
CD30 and CD117 (c-kit) used in combination are useful for distinguishing embryonal carcinoma from seminoma. J Histochem Cytochem.
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