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A malignant tumor of the testes composed of large, uniform cells with clear cytoplasm.



a tumor of the sexual glands that is usually malignant. Primarily occurring in young men, seminoma affects the testis. Cryptorchidism predisposes an individual to the development of this type of tumor, which metastasizes predominantly along the lymphatics. Seminoma is treated surgically, medicinally, and through radiotherapy.

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Seminoma is also a friable germ cell tumor that often produces artifactual LVI.
The histologic and ultrastructural characteristics of the neoplastic cells were compatible with germ cells, and the final diagnosis was bilateral testicular seminoma with hepatic metastatic involvement.
These other types comprise intratubular seminoma and intratubular nonseminoma.
Also, at a recent international consensus meeting, it was concluded that the common precursor cells of TGCT (both seminomas and nonseminomas) have fetal characteristics, including embryonic markers (Moch et al.
Keywords: Adult, male, seminoma, testicular neoplasms, sodium iodide symporter expression
In this study, one case of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and spennatocytic seminoma was seen in elderly, five cases of pure seminoma occurred in the 3rd decade.
Seminoma on ectopic testis associated with renal agenesis.
Ruptured seminoma of undescended testes presenting as acute abdomen: Case report with literatur review.
Chevalier N, Paul-Bellon R, Camparo P, Michiels JF, Chevallier D, Fenichel P Genetic variants of GPER/GPR30, a novel estrogen-related G protein receptor, are associated with human seminoma.
En la estancia el paciente fue valorado por oncologia quienes documentan un tumor germinal tipo seminoma extragonadal, le hacen una nueva tomografia que documenta una masa del mediastino anterior, con infiltracion a pericardio, contacto con la arteria pulmonar y con la vena que drena el lobulo superior izquierdo.
Seminoma with hiperestrogenemia in a Yorkshire Terrier.
He had already beaten leukaemia when he was diagnosed with germ-cell seminoma, a form of testicular cancer.