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in architecture, a tentlike or rooflike structure resting on pillars or columns and topping a tower or a well.



(1) A Japanese monetary unit, equal to 1/100 of a yen. Because of the sharp devaluation of the yen after World War II, the sen is used only as a unit of accounting.

(2) A subsidiary monetary unit used in Indonesia and Cambodia (Kampuchea), equal to 1/100 of a rupiah and 1/100 of a riel, respectively.

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Wouldn't suggesting that corporations support the Brennan Center to provide legislative support to Sen. McCain on the issue that made his national reputation carry the same potential for blackmail and favoritism as corporate donations to political campaigns?
Stakes and Hornby (1996:79) suggest that, "establishing constructive working relationships with parents is a key element of meeting the educational need of all children, but it is particularly important for those children with SEN".
In a prepared statement, Sen. Clinton said the aging committee's work will become increasingly important as Baby Boomer age.
Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), Ranking Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
The prince had accused Hun Sen of inciting the murder last October of a radio journalist who was a FUNCINPEC activist.
Hogan: "Sen. Hutchinson has in the past two years written more creative legislation to address the key problems of senior citizens than most legislators do in a career.
In the mid-1980s, Sen left Britain for Harvard University.
Frank Musa Dean cannot do their work, let them be removed because Liberians' lives are at stake.'If you can't trust the Liberian police anymore than everyone start to recruit their own security, lead to a breakdown of law and order,' Sen. Cooper continues.
Tolentino told ABS-CBN News Channel in February 2019 that he approves of death penalty for "heinous crimes, drug-related crimes." Sen.
In Top 5 was also Sen. Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III who was present for a total of 222 session days.
For her part, Sen. Maria Lourdes 'Nancy' Binay declared assets amounting to P123,945,414, liabilities at P63,812,953 and net worth at P60,132,461.10.
According to the Comelec's latest partial and official count, reelectionist Sen. Cynthia Villar is currently leading the race with 4,092,454 votes.