high school

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high school

1. Brit another term for grammar school
2. US and NZ a secondary school from grade 7 to grade 12
3. Canadian a secondary school, the grades covered depending on the province

high school, secondary school

In the US, a school which provides education beyond elementary school, usually from grade 9 to grade 12 but occasionally including grades 7 and 8.
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Phase two is the ongoing cataloguing and organisation of the junior collection; I decided to move away from the colour coding and to use the Dewey Decimal system for non-fiction to better prepare them for the Senior School.
Hilary French, headmistress at Newcastle High School for Girls, said: "Our new senior school is absolutely incredible.
A social media Facebook page has been created entitled St Chris Parents Initiative to debate the issue, with one parent stating: "There are not even enough lockers in the senior school for the students as is, will the principal now suddenly have the funds to ensure there will be enough lockers for each student to lock away their laptops when they do PE or on break?
COME along and see the college for yourself on the following dates: Senior school open morning - Saturday, September 27, 9.
The introduction of the Senior School facilities and the occasional use of some of the Senior School teachers, eases their transition at 11 plus.
Most of us aren't senior school teachers - I did Maths over 20 years ago, so I'm seriously worried about getting it right.
Teachers and staff of Qatar Academy are leading the efforts through its Think Pink Qatar Rugby team, an invitational team founded by Head of Science Mike McKnight and PYP Coordinator Paul Rimmer with Head of Senior School Michael Hitchman acting as manager and Athletic Director Ian Johnson providing support to the team.
THE King's Junior School, Chester, offers an outstanding education, preparing your child academically and socially for senior school and beyond.
I started playing at four and carried it all the way through to senior school.
a unique fresh healthy yoghurt drink for senior school children.
Although the Asiakwa Presbyterian Primary School was separated from the Senior School by Only a few hundred yards, we hardly knew what went on there.
The existing research evidence on Australian initiatives to introduce senior school or multi-campus models of provision is reviewed and three case studies of the model presented in order to examine the potential of this model.

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