Sensing Element

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sensing element

[′sens·iŋ ‚el·ə·mənt]
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Sensing Element


in measuring systems or automatic control systems, a component of a sensor that directly senses the physical quantity acting on the sensor. Devices that may be used as sensing elements include diaphragms, gyroscopes, thermal resistors, strain gages, induction coils, and piezoelectric quartz plates.

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In this work, an improved CFD analysis procedure has been developed for assessing NOx sensor accuracy including spray analysis, SCR reactions and species analysis with detailed sensor model to predict NOx concentration at the sensing element. An overview of this approach is outlined below.
A lead signal was measured every 10 mm away from the center of the sensing element in the polarization direction of the sensing element, and the corresponding surface wave amplitude is calculated.
Stop chafing by checking the sensing element lines during pre-flight inspections.
The viscous or sticky materials that may adhere to the sensing element include paints and lacquers, as well as gelled fuel paste.
The operation symbols have the following meanings: {readout}--analyses the interrupt priority and initializes the readout of sensing element readings, and orders them at the automaton's input (for the case with multiple agents, the automaton input configuration depends on which agent is operated in a given computation cycle);
Depending on the design of the tank, these sensing elements may be totally different.
Model 6-14, is a 4-20mA pressure transmitter that employs a micro-machined silicon pressure sensing element, enabling the transmitter to deliver more accurate and stable performance in harsh industrial environments, Model 6-14's design isolates the transmitter from installation stresses, as well as operational vibration and shock.
Some of the advantages of this unit include: a slightly more accurate reading than mechanically loaded spring penetrators; calculation by a crystal oscillator sensing element; battery powered operation; a digital readout; and it is free of indicating hands that can be damaged or bent.
They use resolvers as their sensing element. This type of sensor does not count pulses to determine its position, nor does it require homing or recalibration.
The passive sensing element fully satisfies this requirement, as it is unlikely ever to need replacement.
Air heating sensors are generally designed with strategically placed holes to allow air flow in contact with the sensing element, while still providing good mechanical protection.
Models 357A64 and 357M168 are two extreme-temperature (1,200[degrees]F/649[degrees]C), single-ended-output, charge accelerometers with a UHT-12 sensing element and integral hardline cable terminating in a 10-32 jack connector.