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A video format offering a higher quality signal than composite video, but a lower quality than component video. This mid-level format divides the signal into two channels - luminance and chrominance.


(Super-video) An analog color video format that combines the three YUV video signals into two channels. Brightness/luma (Y) is in one channel, and color/chroma (U and V) are in another. S-video provides a sharper image than composite video, but is not as good as component video. See S-VHS, YUV, composite video and component video.

S-video and Composite Connections
Like composite video, S-video connectors are widely used on VCRs, DVD players and receivers. The audio for both composite video and S-video uses common left/right stereo connections.

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how S-video, composite and component video signals are related.
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The ECP had already uploaded on its website separate video tutorials in Urdu and English languages as well as step-by-step help materials to guide voters through the registration and voting process.
The leaker said in a (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPi26Ov0n7s) separate video that the Snapdragon 835 variant has EIS 3.0.
A separate video of Ridsdel's execution was reportedly released by the Abu Sayyaf also on Tuesday, Canadian media reports said, quoting the SITE Intelligence Group.
Houston, TX, February 13, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Wannasoft Studio, a discount software provider, is glad to offer AVCHD Video Editor to edit video with separate video, audio, and title tracks in a fast and smooth way on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.
Before saying he was "proud to stand with Israel," in a separate video Pence advocated for the country and said, "Israel shows the world how to turn scarcity into plenty, poverty into wealth, as Israel takes the curses and slanders and lies of the world and turns them into blessings, how could any good person not stand with Israel?"
In a separate video message, Aquino again asked Filipinos to follow Christ's example and give hope to those who are poor.
Until now, each screen and form of video required a separate video production line, using optimized hardware, hard-wired together.
"So what are you eating on Thanksgiving, but it's not Thanksgiving because you moved it to Saturday?" Union taunted in a separate video. "Protein shake," he mocked.

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