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separation of powers:

see Constitution of the United StatesConstitution of the United States,
document embodying the fundamental principles upon which the American republic is conducted. Drawn up at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, the Constitution was signed on Sept.
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Additionally, what happened to the separation of power among the three branches of government?
Speaking on the occasion of National Law Day at Vigyan Bhawan here, the Union Minister said, "The separation of power is equally bounding upon the judiciary and is the law of the land.
Observer Shpetim Polozhani reminds that Albanians are too busy with the separation of power that they forget about the discrimination issues.
He pointed out that the committee has reached an agreements on human rights respect, equality, spread of peace and justice culture, child and woman rights, the rule of law and principles of separation of power .
Separation of power encourages cooperation among the branches of government.
The leader of the so-called "February 20 Movement", Najib Shawki said that the draft reforms "do not satisfy our demands with regards to the separation of power .
The [Supreme Court] judges think that making them accountable to parliament would destroy a basic spirit and structure of the constitution as it ensures separation of power between the three organs of the state," a source familiar with the meeting yesterday told Gulf News preferring anonymity.
This edition includes the CourtAEs recognition of the constitutional right to marriage equality for gays and lesbians; other significant doctrinal developments, including separation of powers rulings, federalism questions concerning the use of state-level direct democracy regulation of federal elections, and cases involving congressional power over the states pursuant to the Reconstruction Amendments; rulings on abortion rights and affirmative action; cases concerning public fora, speech on private property, and government speech, and doctrinal refinements in speech rights of union members, public employees, and those involved in electoral processes; and developments in religious liberty and equality.
Our current political system, as designed, is characterized by the strong delineation and separation of powers among the three major branches of government - the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.
Pakistan has a lot of ills we need to cure- but whenever we see a potential steering into disrupting the separation of powers, even if it is for a good cause, we must always fight back, because the means has never proved to justify the end.
The supreme court upheld on Monday the state's argument that a provision in a law passed by parliament last April mandating the education ministry to consult with the House education committee over bank holidays and commemorations was unconstitutional because it violated the separation of powers.
Our Constitution recognizes the principle of separation of powers where each arm of the government is considered independent of the others: Not separate.

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