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in religion, those bodies of Christians who withdrew from the Church of England. They desired freedom from church and civil authority, control of each congregation by its membership, and changes in ritual. In the 16th cent. a group of early separatists were known as Brownists after their leader, Robert BrowneBrowne, Robert,
c.1550–1633, English clergyman and leader of a group of early separatists popularly known as Brownists. Browne conceived of the church as a self-governing local body of experiential believers in Jesus.
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. The name Independents came into use in the 17th cent. Among other separatist groups were the PilgrimsPilgrims,
in American history, the group of separatists and other individuals who were the founders of Plymouth Colony. The name Pilgrim Fathers is given to those members who made the first crossing on the Mayflower.
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, the Quakers (see Friends, Religious Society ofFriends, Religious Society of,
religious body originating in England in the middle of the 17th cent. under George Fox. The members are commonly called Quakers, originally a term of derision.
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), and the BaptistsBaptists,
denomination of Protestant Christians holding a distinctive belief with regard to the ordinance of baptism. Since 1644 the name has been applied to those who maintain that baptism should be administered to none but believers and that immersion is the only mode of
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. See CongregationalismCongregationalism,
type of Protestant church organization in which each congregation, or local church, has free control of its own affairs. The underlying principle is that each local congregation has as its head Jesus alone and that the relations of the various congregations
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Pro-Russian rebels proposed on Tuesday postponing the date of local elections in separatist parts of east Ukraine to February 2016 in an effort to lift peacemaking out of 'stalemate,' according to a statement posted on separatist website LITs.
Meanwhile, separatists said they would visit Delhi to hold talks with Sartaj Aziz.
He said that earlier, a large number of separatists have also surrendered at the house of chief of Marri tribe, Nawab Jangez Marri in Quetta, at the house of chief of Zehri tribe, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri in Khuzdar, in Kohlu, Dera Bugti, Kashmor and others areas.
The Russian response goes on to refute many of the points they say were raised in the Ukrainian document, such as shelling and the destruction of critical infrastructure by separatist militias.
The Al Houthi advance into the south sparked bloody confrontations in the heartlands of the separatists in Dhalae, Lahj, Shabwa, Abyan and Aden.
Defense officials said separatists had also opened fire on unarmed Ukrainian soldiers on Tuesday as they crossed back into Ukraine from Russia where they had taken shelter from fighting.
President Barack Obama has also called for a complete investigation and blames Russia for supporting the separatists in Ukraine.
Separatists have been operating tanks in the eastern region: Ukraine accuses Russia of letting the vehicles and other heavy weaponry cross the border.
They also destroyed an armoured vehicle and a heavy truck used by the separatists.
Secretary of State John Kerry complained this week about the flow of Russian arms to separatists in Ukraine in a phone call to Sergey V.
Local sources also reported that clashes are still continuing in Luhansk where Russia backed separatists want to take the control of the borders of the city.
Reports of the death toll varied, with Lukyanchenko saying 40 people had been killed in the past 24 hours, while separatists said 50 had died.