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river, c.700 mi (1,130 km) long, N Papua New Guinea, rising near the border of Indonesia's Papua prov. and Papua New Guinea. It flows east through a large swampy basin to the Bismarck Sea. The river drains a vast mountainous region of central New Guinea and is navigable for small craft c.300 mi (480 km) upstream.
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But compared even with some nearby Melanesian groups, in New Britain, on the Sepik River, in the Gulf of Papua, New Ireland art style is more formal, more organized, more rigid, more controlled.
Exploring Prehistory on the Sepik Coast of Papua New Guinea is a detailed report of Terrell and Schechter's 1990 and 1993-94 museum and field research along the north coast of mainland Papua New Guinea (PNG).
Clinical isolates from Morobe Province (n = 2), Madang Province (n = 2), Eastern Highlands Province (n = 2), East Sepik Province (n = 2), and National Capital District (n = 4) were isolated and identified as V.
Case 2: A community from one village of the East Sepik Province were living together in Sisiak, in Madang, and making their living from carving articles out of wood.
Silvermann's paper also touches on the contemporary intermeshing of the supposedly exogenous and the indigenous, focusing on 'tourist art' in the Sepik.
With the exceptions of the East Sepik Council of Women (ESCOW) and the East New Britain Social Action Committee (ENBSAC)--both of which are provincially based--all NGOs mentioned in this study operate nationally through their member organizations or networks throughout the country.
The figure accounts for roughly two-thirds of the combined population of 10,000 people living in seven villages in West Sepik Province, local officials said.
Disaster authorities said the wave struck to the west of the town of Aitape in the West Sepik province, hitting at least four villages - Sissano, Warapu, Arop and Malol whose homes were built of jungle materials.
The Western Highlands Province is the largest producer followed by Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Morobe, and East Sepik.
The three deals, including the building work of a new court complex for Wewak, East Sepik Province, took place at Government House.
Looming over the Herrenzimmer is a quite different kind of surprise; an over-lifesize Sepik male ancestor figure bought back after one of several trips to Papua New Guinea.