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(formerly) an Indian soldier in the service of the British



in colonial India, beginning mainly in the mid-18th century, a mercenary soldier recruited from the local population into the armies of the European colonialists (Portuguese, French, and British). The British used sepoy units extensively.

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QUETTA -- Balochistan Governor Mohammad Khan Achakzai and Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri have expressed grief over martyrdom of second Lieutenant and Sepoy Basharat in an act of terror in North Waziristan and strongly condemned this terror act.
Sepoy S Mustaq Ahmed from Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh was another sports enthusiast of 19 Madras.
Presently, total strength of Dir Lower Levies force stands at 709 personnel with deputy commissioner Irfanullah wazir as its commandant while other staffs includes: a subedar major, 9 subedars, 17 naib subedars, 28 havaldars, 31 niaks, 44 lance niak, 579 sepoys, one Peesh Imam, two drivers, one armour and seven sweepers (followers).
Stanley says little of the military activities of the soldiers and nothing of their interactions with the sepoys.
Roy considers her subject under four separate categories, coinciding with the four social groups that played active roles in the rebellion: sepoys, rajas, thakurs, and "the people.
In India, the Sepoys (native soldiers who controlled India for their British masters) revolted on May 10, 1857.
Born about 1821, he was adopted by the last Maratha peshwa (chief minister) Baji Rao II (1827), and became Baji Rao's heir (1841); when Baji Rao died in 1851, Nana inherited his private property in the Bithur region (near Kanpur) and was granted Baji Rao's jagir (revenues of a district), but despite repeated entreaties to the British and the adoptive father's deathbed request, Nana was refused an extension of Baji Rao's life pension; disgruntled by this, and perhaps aware of British difficulties in the Crimean War, he hastened to Cawnpore at the outbreak of the mutiny and tossed in his lot with rebellious sepoys (June 5, 1857); he apparently led troops at the siege of Cawnpore, and although Nana may not have exercised effective command when the safe-conduct truce was broken and Gen.
ISLAMABAD -- Expressing grief over the South Waziristan landmine blast incident, Minister for Defence, Engr Khurram Dastgir Khan on Monday said Pakistani nation salutes Army's two sepoys who martyred in the incident.
The year was 1857, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah ( who governed the state of Awadh from Lucknow) had been in exile in Calcutta for a year and the sepoys of the East India Company had begun their revolt.
The major and three sepoys lost their lives foiling a terror bid in Upper Dir in the morning today.
On the issue of family pension enhancement, Antony was also asked to bring sepoys under its purview.
He, however, expressed the hope that the new lot, inducted in the BC, were recruited purely on merit as 95 percent sepoys were well educated and fit to serve.