September 30

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September 30


Austen Festival (Last week of September)

Botswana Independence Day (September 30-October 1)

Fiesta of San Francisco (September 26-October 4)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Sep 30, 2011; Sep 30, 2016; Sep 30, 2017; Sep 30, 2021; Sep 30, 2022; Sep 30, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

Jordbruksdagarna (Last full weekend in September) Sep 30, 2012; Sep 30, 2018

Marion County Ham Days (Last full weekend in September) Sep 30, 2012; Sep 30, 2018

Marshall Islands Lutok Kobban Alele (Last week of September)

Mayberry Days (Last full weekend in September) Sep 30, 2012; Sep 30, 2018

Mountain State Forest Festival (Last weekend in September through first week in October)

San Geronimo Feast Day (September 29-30)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Agricultural Reform DaySao Tome and Principe
Botswana DayBotswana
Customs DayMarshall Islands
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September 30th. - Our guests have been here a week or two; but I have had no leisure to pass any comments upon them till now.
freezed the price of Maya Preferred 223 at $250 per after the split MAPR is traded exclusively on Cat.ex only for BTC and performs a 1 million token buying opportunity, open to the general public, at that frozen price till September 30th. These 1 million tokens represent approximately the total number of MAPR tokens that are available to the public.
On September 30th Governor House Khyber Pakhtunkhwa opened its doors for the public.
Aside from missing the revenue collection target, the income tax return filing disappointed since less than 350,000 individuals and entities submitted income tax returns for the tax year 2018 till the stipulated deadline of September 30th reports Express Tribune.
The variations in the ICC's code of conduct which were approved on July 2 will similarly be implemented from September 30th as well.
Memorial Visitation will be held on Sunday, September 30th from 2 - 6 PM, Memorial Service 5 PM at Itasca Country Club, officiating Reverend James Zimmerman.
There are no obstacles to hold the referendum on September 30th. The Constitutional Court, with seven votes in favor and two against, dismissed an initiative demanding the suspension of referendum activities.
Albanian parties should be more active on the ground to persuade voters that they should go to the polls on September 30th and not to miss the chance of being part of NATO and the EU, said analyst Berat Azizi.
By September 30th, we will see and hear threats that we will remain the unwanted children of the West, who will not be given another chance!
KARACHI -- Alleged sacrilege of graves in a Karachi graveyard on Saturday (September 30th) has sparked gotten the provincial government flak after administration's slackness caused a fire in the graveyard.
KUWAIT, Sept 26 (KUNA) -- The Kuwaiti Association for Surgeons said Tuesday that they are due to host a four-day conference for innovations in the medical and surgical field on September 30th. The conference, the first of its kind, aims to introduce current doctors to innovations, also to develop new doctors to the medical situations they will face in their respective fields, through workshops and activities.