September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014


Århus Festival (Nine days beginning first Saturday in September)

Bosra Festival (September 1-10)

Festa da Serreta (September 8-15)

Festival of Piedigrotta (September 7-9)

Howl! Festival (September 5-9)

McClure Bean Soup Festival (Second Tuesday through Saturday in September)

Roman Games (September 4-19)

Toronto International Film Festival (First week of September)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Independence DayTajikistan
National DayNorth Korea
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RN 585195 & Warning with LVN 116695 Stipulations Young, Sherry Bell LVN 213333 Warning with Stipulations Zimmerman, Emily Brooke RN 697899 Enforced Suspension NAME DATE OF ACTION Abbate, Sara Diane October 27, 2014 Abila, Sonia Anacin October 23, 2014 Adames, Christina September 9, 2014 Michelle Adams, Kimberly S.
2- Larbi Nasra, candidate of "People's Voice" party (supported by 10 NCA deputies) Tuesday, September 9, 2014 3- Beji Cad Essebsi, candidate of Nidaa Tounes Movement (25 thousand signatures) 4- Habib Zammeli, independent candidate, Judge Wednesday, September 10, 2014 5- Ahmed Safi Said, independent candidate, writer and journalist (17 thousand signatures).