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A computer manufacturer.

Quarterly sales $109M, profits $7M (Aug 1994).

Sequent computers was acquired by IBM in 1999.

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(Sequent Computer Systems, Inc., Beaverton, OR, A computer company founded in 1983 by 17 ex-employees of Intel that specialized in multiprocessing systems for the client/server environment. Sequent pioneered adapting SMP to Unix and was a leader in the high-end Unix market.

Sequent's SMP machines were all Intel based and were scalable up to 30 Pentium processors. Its Symmetry series ran the Unix-based DYNIX/ptx operating system, and the WinServer series ran Windows NT. Its NUMA-Q 2000 line, introduced in 1996, scaled up to 252 processors. In 1999, Sequent was acquired by IBM; by 2005, the Numa-Q servers and Symmetry line were on a migration path to IBM's pSeries, xSeries and TotalStorage offerings. See SMP.
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John's unrivalled experience and success at F5 Networks and Sequent make him an important appointment to support Quantexa's long term growth as we scale into even more regions and industries.
The Sequent Platform orchestrates and manages the digital issuance and tokenization of any type of personally identifiable credential to any type of connected device, such as payment account, financial account or identification information.
After predilation, we performed PTCA on the LCx with a SeQuent Please 2.0 mm x 20 mm DCB dilation for 60 s at 6 atm.
Sequent Medical is a privately-held firm based in Aliso Viejo, California with European operations based in Bonn, Germany.
According to official sources various committees have been constituted at federal and provincial level with the task to evolve consensus on same day starting of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak and sub sequent observance of Eid-ul-Fitr.
Sequent Energy Management became the first capacity trader in seven years to beat out Tenaska in Capacity Center's annual Top 20 report, as seven companies dropped out of the 2015 rankings altogether.
Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India has today notified that Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)/Registered Foreign Portfolios Investors (RFPIs) can now invest up to 49 per cent of the paid up capital of M/s SeQuent Scientific Limited under the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS).
According to a latest official update of the death toll, Hollande confirmed that 16 people were killed by the violent storm and sequent flooding, adding that "the state of natural catastrophe will be declared on Wednesday at the Council of Ministers."
However, the sub- sequent judgments by lesser Bench strength have held that the Right to Privacy is a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution and this is contrary to the larger bench decision.
The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted US-based medical device maker Sequent Medical announced Patent No.