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A sharp ridge or pinnacle of ice among the crevasses of a glacier.



a sharp ice protuberance on the surface of a glacier. Seracs form when the ice cliffs between transverse crevasses collapse and melt nonuniformly in an icefall area.

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Where the land is uneven, or very steep, crevasses and seracs form.
"I worked as an instructor for years before deciding to open up Serac in 1985.
Bottles are conveyed single-file around a turn and then enter a filler/capper block from Serac. 18 filling nozzles in a rotary configuration fill bottles by volume.
The other Filipino medalists were Baby David who won a gold in the Grand senior ladies' Masters, Nelia Santos, who took a silver in the senior ladies' singles event, Sammy Say Sy, who pocketed a bronze in the senior men's Masters event, and the foursome of Mon Camba, John Mendoza, Takahiro Yoshida and Mar Serac, who earned a bronze in the senior men's team competition.
Serac Group unveiled the Combox H2F its new blow moulding-filling-capping solution for the dairy market, at the Drinktec trade show, held in Munich from 16 to 20 September 2013.
From Stone Circle Pictures and Serac Adventure Films, veteran Disney Producer Don Hahn and director Michael Brown follow a team of disabled veterans on a dramatic climb of an ice and snow-covered Himalayan peak in “High Ground.”
Strap ice-gripping crampons to your feet with MICA Guides and tiptoe on Alaska's pristine Matanuska Glacier, where you'll come to know a serac from a crevasse from a bergschrund on one of the West's most exotic hikes (from $45;
* Serac, Inc.: Mike Callahan has been named director of sales and marketing.
Serac (aseptic fillers for plastic containers and aerosol cans), Addison, III.
But on the other side of the coin, Serac had its FC filler/capper machine on-site at the show.